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   1605 Argentia Rd, Mississauga, ON L5N 2W9  (Map)

                    Amil Saheb: Janaab Huzaifa B.S. Mustansir B.S.

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 Ramadan al-Moazzam 1436 H

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Current Qiyaam Shareef of Huzurala Tus is in : Denmal
For Latest News of Aqa Moula (tus) visit:
Malumaat.com   Mumineen.org    Zeninfosys     Alvazarat


Sagla Mumineen ne Shahro Ramadhanal Moazzam Mubarak ane Mohanna thai.

General Sabaq will Start from 8:00 PM followed by Bayaan at 8.40 PM. All mumineen are requested to come on time. 

Vajebaat bethak - Will start at 7.00 PM from 1st Ramdhan.

Registration for WhatsApp

In order to facilitate all mumineen and their family members to have access to markaz miqaat information, Janab Amilsaheb has instructed that Anjuman e Fakhri Jamaat messages shall also be sent via WhatsApp.

Mumineen and their family members who wish to receive markaz miqaat info via Whatsapp on their phones are requested to register on the link below.

Please Register For WhatsApp Here

IMPORTANT: You should have AeF phone # +1 905 542 7652 stored in your contacts list.

Faizul Mawaid Al Burhaniyah thali Rasam in Mississauga

Mumineen are requested to follow the farman of Aqa Maula Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS) by participating in FMB that will provide you with “rizq” that has dua of Aqa Maula (TUS) and is a cause of “shifa” and barakat.

Darees for Tulul Umr niyat of Aqa Maula TUS & Masjid Tameer (every Friday)

As per Janab Amil Saheb's farman, Darees - Sydena Hatim bin Ibrahim Saheb (A.Q.) and Syedna Taher Saifuddin Saheb (A.Q.) will be performed at Markaz every Friday before Zohar Asar Namaz.
Mumineen who are interested in performing Darees may contact Shk. Naeem bhai Bhujwala at 416-886-5330 or Shk. Aby bhai Bhagat at 905-826-2000 and book their dates with them.


Upcoming Events

 Shehro Ramadhan

Wednesday, June 17

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Fajar: 5:00 AM
Zohar & Asar : 1:30 PM

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Rasullulah(sa) farmave che - When you meet someone from my Ummah, greet him with salaam and your hasanaat will greatly increase. (RH-1, Pg-75)
Ahaadeeth AKaaleem